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© Oskar Kihlborg/ Volvo Ocean Ra

About Volvo

If you ever have been wondering why an offshore round-the-world sailing race is named after a brand that focuses on engine-powered means of transport and construction… well, here’s our answer:

The race tells an inspiring story about dedicated individuals and teams who with passion, energy and endurance, climb the “Mount Everest of sailing”. The Volvo Ocean Race also is one of the very few truly global sports events - taking place on 4 different continents, involving multi-national, multi-cultural teams and support teams. In short, it perfectly mirrors the world we live in at Volvo every day.

At Volvo, we are in the businesses of transport – the transport of people, construction material and goods. Transport plays a crucial role in the development of a society and its economy. However, we also know that transport – and we with it – is part of a problem that is one of the major challenges of our times: Energy consumption and its effect on our planet’s climate. Ever since its inception in 1927, Volvo has been sensitive to its environment, conscious that if the industry is to be part of the problems, there is an obligation to be part of the solution.

Therefore, at Volvo, we have for decades now also been in the business of building cars and vehicles with greater energy efficiency and less environmental impact - whether on the factory floor, on the roads, the construction sites, the seas and the skies of the world, Volvo’s three core values – Quality, Safety and Environmental Care are all intertwined, and Volvo is dedicated to the quality of the air that we breathe, the safety of our surroundings, the protection of the environment. That is one of the reasons why we like sailing!

The Volvo brand is shared between Volvo Group and Volvo Cars – explore our worlds!

© Oskar Kihlborg/ Volvo Ocean Ra

Volvo Cars

For this edition of the Volvo Ocean Race Volvo Cars have released three special edition models, the V70, XC70 and the XC90. The exterior and interior are inspired by sailing and Volvo Ocean Race.

Karin Bäcklund, Director Volvo Ocean Race at Volvo Cars, believes the common links between the Volvo Ocean Race and Volvo Car’s core philosophy makes a commercial union between the two a logical choice. She said, “We believe it is good for the brand to be linked to the ocean race as it represents many of the attributes we try to represent with our products. The race is about adventure, excitement and performance and that is what we want to achieve with our products. We want to infuse our brand with emotions, and the Volvo Ocean Race is all about human drama and emotions. There are also parallells between the race and the Volvo Cars brand with regards to the importance we place on safety, environmental care and premium quality and technology.”

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© Oskar Kihlborg/ Volvo Ocean Ra

Volvo Group

If you ever have been wondering why an offshore round-the-world sailing race is named after a brand that focuses on engine-powered means of transport and construction… well, here’s our answer:

Naturally, the Volvo Ocean Race is about navigating the world's oceans using sails to harness the power of the wind – not using engines. However, the Volvo Open 70s competing in the race does still need engines: one to navigate in the harbours and for emergency situations and one to produce electrical power and drinking water. Volvo Penta is proud to help ensure the safety and success of the teams with the most reliable and cleanest engines on the market.

Volvo Penta is just one of the 9 business areas of Volvo Group. Apart from marine engines, we also make aircraft engines, trucks, buses and heavy-duty construction equipment. We also offer our customers financial services. For us, developing and building vehicles and engines where each generation is safer, more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly than the one before is a challenge worthwhile – and one that we follow with passion.

Visit Volvo Group’s corporate website for general information on the company, our history and mission, our society involvement or our sustainability report.

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